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Omar Tate and Cybille St.Aude-Tate are social entrepreneurs who believe in centering the Black experience and are fueled by the conviction that chefs have a social responsibility. Their overarching brand, Honeysuckle Projects, expands the mission of Honeysuckle Provisions into a network of community spaces centered around the values of ancestry, nourishment, and reclamation across pop-ups, dinner parties, and events.

Omar Tate


Identifying first and foremost as an artist (not a chef) who uses food as one of his many mediums, Omar is a West Philly native who worked for over a decade in acclaimed kitchens across Philadelphia and in New York City before embarking on his own. After experiencing a lack of diversity and representation, both in the kitchen and on the plate, Omar launched Honeysuckle to tell nuanced stories on Blackness in America.

Cybille St.Aude-Tate


A Haitian-American chef and children’s book author. Though her culinary career has led her to multiple appearances at the James Beard House in New York City, Charleston Wine + Food, and a casting in Food Network’s “Chopped,” she is most proud of her cultural work grounded in Haiti. Further, Cybille has a degree in African American Studies with a focus on Caribbean culture and aesthetics.

“ It is the livingness in art that makes it art. Form, style, structure, craftsmanship, are of the highest degree of importance to the creative mind in man, for meaningful ideas have nothing to say to the man who has not mastered the tools of  his trade.”
- Fela Sowande