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Lineage & Nourishment curated by:

Omar Tate &
Cybille St.Aude-Tate

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Honeysuckle + Burlap & Barrel

These three Afrofuturist blends, made in collaboration with single origin spice gurus Burlap & Barrel highlight the flavors of the African diaspora! They celebrate Black ingredients and culinary traditions that help forge more sustainable and dynamic futures for us all! Available for purchase in store or directly from Burlap & Barrel! 

*All-Seeing Eye Sweet Potato Pie Spice
*Two Elders Creole Seasoning
*Dynamism Hibiscus Ginger Sugar

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Join us for our "Untitled." Tasting Menu!

A remarkable experience exploring the nuances of Black culture and memory using culinary traditions throughout the African diaspora and locally sourced food. Available Wednesday to Saturday at 6:30pm! 


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Honeysuckle Provisions is a family-owned and operated Afro-centric grocery/cafe committed to the highest quality standards, from not only a culinary perspective but also socially and politically. Rooted in the values of nourishment and reclamation of Black food traditions and cultural aesthetics, Honeysuckle centers and promotes sourcing from Black farmers and producers. We have a wide range of offerings spanning the diaspora available for purchase online and in our store. 

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image of Omar Tate & Cybille St.Aude-Tate in the kitchen in aprons
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